Transformation by design, not by disaster!

Transformation coulours converge

We need a transformation of our resource consumption. For decades, we have been living beyond our means and consuming many times the metallic, fossil, mineral and renewable resources that the planet can sustainably provide. The costs of this are borne in particular by the people in the resource-producing and -exporting countries of the Global South, as well as future generations, who are confronted with destroyed habitats and threats to their livelihoods, for example through the pollution of drinking water. At the same time, Germany has committed to becoming climate neutral by 2045, preserving natural diversity, and almost completely phasing out the use of fossil fuels.

This publication is a civil society appeal to reduce primary resource consumption, supported by numerous organizations and initiatives. We appeal to the German government to have the courage to change and to overcome party-political boundaries in order not to let this opportunity pass and to initiate a fundamental resource turnaround as soon as possible!

Find out more about our campaign: Rohstoffwende- Jetzt!


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