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Analyse des Abkommens zwischen der Europäischen Union und dem Mercosur

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Am 28.  Juni 2019 haben die Europäische Union und die Mercosur-Länder Argentinien, Brasilien, Paraguay...

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Open letter – Ending the membership of the EU and its Member States in the Energy Charter Treaty

Brussels, 23rd September 2019

Dear Energy Ministers,

Tomorrow, at the EU Energy Council Meeting in Brussels, you will debate how to improve the national energy and climate plans related to energy efficiency and renewable energy, in order...

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New Factsheet: Ruthless exploitation in the raw materials sector: How corporations are using the investment court system to enforce their interests

It explores the roots of the investor-state dispute settlement systems - as a mechanism protecting colonial investments from expropriation- and traces its development until today. But the paper also takes a more detailed look at current cases of...

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