Our goal is a just and ecological world economy. To this end, we apply our expertise in international trade, raw materials and climate policy. With comprehensive research, we examine political processes, identify the problems of an unjust economic system and develop policy alternatives. Our team forges strong alliances with other organizations, social movements and citizens to reach our goals. We know that we are stronger together than we can ever be alone.

Trade and Investment Policy

Foto Fabian Flues

Fabian Flues

+49 (0)30 308 821 92

Main areas of work: Energy Charter Treaty, corporate action rights, climate and trade. I work at PowerShift because a sustainable and fair economic system is an important prerequisite for a more just society.
Foto Bettina Müller

Bettina Müller

+49 (0)30 278 757 86

Main areas of work: Trade agreements with Latin America, corporate rights of action. I work at PowerShift because fairer trade and investment policies are crucial in the fight against climate change, human rights violations and poverty worldwide.
Foto Alessa Hartmann

Alessa Hartmann

+49 (0)30 278 756 32

Main areas of work: Team coordination, sustainability in trade agreements, impact monitoring. I work at PowerShift because here profession is at the same time vocation, namely to work for a just global economy that respects our planetary boundaries and protects human rights.

Climate and resource justice

Foto Peter Fuchs

Peter Fuchs

Executive Board
+49 (0)177 633 4900

Main areas of work: Climate justice, mobility transition, energy transition. I work at PowerShift to effectively do something for more social and ecological justice!
Foto Hendrik Schnittker

Hendrik Schnittker

+49 (0)30 2472 4541

Main areas of work: Energy transition and circular economy, hydrogen, mobility. I work for PowerShift because I want a real social-ecological transformation, without bogus solutions and greenwashing.
Neelke Wagner Foto c Edda Dietrich

Neelke Wagner

+49 (0)30 2472 4541

Main areas of work: Energy transition, gas phase-out and a climate-friendly hydrogen economy. I work for PowerShift because I believe that climate action, a fair economy and global justice go together.

Raw Materials Policy

Foto Michael Reckordt

Michael Reckordt

+49 (0)30 428 054 79

Main areas of work: Raw materials turnaround, climate and metals, mobility and raw materials. My goal is a raw materials turnaround that eliminates inequities in the mining of metallic and mineral raw materials.

Hannah Pilgrim

+49 (0)30 419 341 82

Main areas of work: German raw materials policy, raw materials turnaround, deep sea mining. I work for PowerShift because the use of raw materials must no longer be accompanied by human rights violations and environmental destruction.
Foto Tine Laufer

Tine Laufer

+49 (0)30 278 757 36

I work at PowerShift because my professional and private interests complement each other perfectly and I feel like I'm doing something meaningful every day.
Foto Vanessa Fischer

Vanessa Fischer

+49 (0)1575 4768413
I work at PowerShift because here I can work against the causes of global injustice and contribute to social-ecological change.
Foto Merle Groneweg

Merle Groneweg

Ich arbeite für PowerShift, um mich für eine politische Regulierung der Wirtschaft einzusetzen – für den Schutz von Klima und Umwelt, Menschenrechten und Arbeitsrechten.
Foto Elena Gnant

Elena Gnant

I work for PowerShift for political work against social and environmental exploitation through collaborative action against global inequalities and the climate crisis.
Foto Thomas Fritz

Thomas Fritz

Thomas Fritz works as a freelance author in Berlin with a focus on economic policy and sustainable development.
Foto Lilian Leupold

Lilian Leupold

I work for PowerShift because it's important to understand the connections between our politics and lifestyles and global injustice, and to create spaces for change.
Foto Emma Jacoby

Emma Jacoby

I support PowerShift because I want to actively contribute to the fight against the climate crisis and I enjoy working at the interface between politics, business and the environment.
Foto Jeremy Oestreich

Jeremy Oestreich

I work at PowerShift to advocate for trade policies that eliminate, rather than increase, global inequalities while effectively protecting the environment and climate.

Anne Bundschuh

I work for PowerShift because global justice and averting the climate crisis are only feasible if trade and investment policies are finally trimmed to these goals as well.