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Register Now! Multiplier Seminar on Raw Material Policies in Brussels

Europäisches Parlament. Foto: Nicola Jaeger[/caption]

Invitation: Multiplier Seminar on Raw Material Policies in Brussels

from Wednesday, 8th November, 20:00 till Friday, 10th November, 17:00h

The European Union is one of the biggest importers of raw materials in the world. Its resource consumption is far above a sustainable level on a global scale. Products “Made in the EU” like cars, electronics or chemicals contain raw materials often coming from countries in the Global South. In many countries we observe human, social and labour rights violation and a degradation of the environment. Some of these countries are not able or willing to secure the rights of their citizens and defend them against corporate interests. The local communities often do not benefit from the raw material extraction and bear all the social and environmental costs. This seminar for political multipliers introduces the participants to the resource strategy of the European Union and its way of legislation process in the field of raw materials. Human rights and environmental issues play only a secondary role in this process although resource extraction has often enormous social and environmental impacts in the mining regions. Therefore we will address perspectives of industrial stakeholders as well as human rights and ecological impacts and demands. European experts in their field will give introductions into topics like the European Raw Materials Initiative, Conflict Minerals Regulation, Investor-to-state-dispute Settlements and Investment Court System. Beside this, we will also focus on alternative concepts for resource extraction and sustainable development campaigns. The seminar is addressed to decision makers, interested journalists and multipliers from parties, unions, press and NGOs (in the field of mining, human rights, or environment). You can find a description of the programme and contact information here: Invitation_Multiplier Seminar_Raw Material Policies_Brussels_8th – 10th Nov 2017


Wednesday, 8th November

from 17:00 Arrival 20:00 Introduction

Thursday, 9th November

8:30 Introduction to the EU Raw Materials Initiative 9:00 travel to European Parliament 10:00 Tour through the institutes of the EU Visitors Centre of the European parliament 11:45 Meeting with MEP (t.b.a.): Trade Policies and raw materials 13:00 Lunch break 14:00 Introduction to the Conflict Minerals Regulation as binding Due Diligence (Emily Norton, Global Witness) 15:00 Blue Growth and Deep Sea Mining (Ann Dom, Seas At Risk) 16:00 Meeting with MEP Judith Sargentini (Groenlinks): Important steps of the Conflict Minerals Regulation and lobby strategies of the industry 18:00 Dinner break  

Friday, 10th November

9:00 The EU Mining Waste Directive, risk management and waste dam failure (Richard Harkinson, London Mining Network) 10:00 Introduction to ISDS and ICS (Investor-State Dispute Settlement and Investment Court System) (Roxana Pencea, Mining Watch Romania) 11:00 New Developments in Human Rights in the context of raw Material policies (t.b.a.) 12:00 Lunch break 13:30 Expert Talk at EUROMINES: Introduction to the work of EUROMINES and Discussion of the Raw Materials Initiative 15:30 Critical Lobby Tour (Corporate Europe Observatory) 17.00 End of Seminar   Attendance fee 50 € incl. accommodation and meals. If the amount is too high for you / your organisation, please get in contact with and we will find a solution. Please send your application until: October 25 2017 to: Please copy the following into your application email and fill it with your specifications: Binding application for the multiplier seminar: First Names*: Last Names*: Home Address*: Date of Birth*: Nationality*: Email: Telephone / Mobile: Vegetarian / Vegan: Born in year: Field of work / Organisation: Political engagement / experience: * these informations are obligatory to enter the European Parliament, where most of the Thursday Program will take place. ————- This document has been produced with the financial assistance of the European Union. The contents of this document are the sole responsibility of PowerShift e.V. and can under no circumstances be regarded as reflecting the position of the European Union. Stop Mad Mining  ]]>