Publication: Investment Protection in TTIP – how the European Commission refuses to change the system

Publication: Investment protection in TTIP: the European Commission refuses to change the system
This publication by Malte Marwedel offers an analysis of the European Commission’s proposals of 12th November 2015 about investment protection in TTIP and describes how the European Commission in its proposals aimes at justifying the massive expansion of global investment protection. You can find the whole analysis here in English.
A German version o f the analysis can be found here, as well as a french version here.
Please note the Social Media Action on TTIP and ISDS Friends of the Earth Europe launched yesterday that will, during the following 10 days, give 10 reasons why the proposed Investment Court System will even expand corporate privileges:
The publication of the analysis is coordinated by PowerShift e.V., Campact and TTIPUnfairhandelbar.]