Our team

Executive Board:

PeterFuchs-Juni2013_klPeter Fuchs – Trade and Investment Policy
Tel.: +49 – (0)177 – 6334900
E-mail: Peter.Fuchs(at)power-shift.de

Peter Fuchs is an economist and social economist. He works at PowerShift mainly on international trade and investment policy. As an old footballer, his recreational interest nowadays lies in the traditional Münsterland form of the sport called “Speckbrett”.

Staff Members:

Merle Groneweg – Resource Policy
Tel.: +49-(0)30-41934182
Email: merle.groneweg@power-shift.de

Merle Groneweg arbeitet bei PowerShift inhaltlich wie organisatorisch im Bereich Rohstoffpolitik. In ihrer Freizeit berauscht sie sich an Radtouren und Queer Cinema.


Alessa Hartmann -Trade and Investment Policy
Tel.:+49-(0)30-278 756 32
E-mail: Alessa.Hartmann(at)power-shift.de

Alessa Hartmann works mainly on international trade and investment policy, mainly on EU trade relations. In her free time she is hitting the streets of Berlin and Brandenburg on her e bike.


Tine Laufer – Administration und Fundraising
Tel.: +49 – (0)30 – 278 757 36
E-mail: Tine.Laufer(at)power-shift.de

Tine Laufer is responsible for the administrative side in PowerShift. In her free time she is fulfilling the clichés of Prenzlauer Berg joining the crowds on the playgrounds of the area with her kids.


Anna Schüler – Energy and Climate policy
Tel: +49-(0)-30-420 852 95IMG_2544
E-mail: Anna.Schueler(at)power-shift.de

Anna Schüler is working as a promoter for climate and resource equitiy as part of the Berliner Eine-Welt-PromotorInnen-Programms. She supports the local economy with the obscene amount of coffee she is drinking.


Michael Reckordt – Coordination Office AK Rohstoffe – on pa2012-11-Bewerbungsphotorental leave until 17 Sept 2018
Tel.: +49 – (0)30 – 428 05 479
E-mail: Michael.Reckordt(at)power-shift.de

Michael Reckordt is a geographer and works at PowerShift as a coordinator of AK Rohstoffe. When the former employee of the Philippines office does not work on the German raw material policy, he writes for music fanzines, travels through Southeast Asia or beats tennis balls with wooden clubs.


Laura Weis – Energy and Climate Policy, Coordination Office AK RohstDSCF7314 (2)offe until 17 Sept 2018
Tel.: +49-(0)89 – 6003 5283
E-Mail: Laura.Weis(at)power-shift.de

Laura Weis is a political and social scientist. At PowerShift she worked until the end of 2017 as a consultant for climate and resource justice and in 2018 will take over the coordination office of AK Rohstoffe as paternity leave replacement. Because of her enthusiasm for mountains and snow, she moved south permanently – and acts as a PowerShift satellite in the Bavarian city of Munich.



Freelance staff:

Thomas FritzFoto-Thomas-Fritz.klein
E-mail: Thomas.Fritz(at)power-shift.de

Thomas Fritz is freelancer at PowerShift and works predominately on international trade, investment and service policies. His focus are the social and ecological impacts of liberalization and privatization.

Nicola Jaeger
Tel.: +49 – (0)30 – 419 34 182
E-mail: Nicola.Jaeger(at)power-shift.deNicola Jaeger_square_small

Nicola Jaeger holds a diploma in geography and has worked for PowerShift on a range of issues. In 2014, she redesigned the website, including (audio)visual features. Her other passion lies with Devocean Pictures and diving.