Our objectives

“PowerShift e.V. is a German NGO dealing with questions related to energy, climate, natural resources, trade and economic policies. We want to contribute to a change in global energy policy and economic relations by means of education, public relations, scientific research and political activities.

In order to be more succesful in this broad field we network with others. We are working on putting alternative concepts on the agenda globally. The challenges ahead are tremendous and we cannot cover each and every topic, but we are able to launch initiatives and developments bringing us closer to an eco-fair and solidaric society.


Our principles

We are committed to the equality of all humans and publicly resist against all ideologies that oppose this principle. Therefore, we condemn all forms of right-wing extremism, racism and other discrimintating ideologies. We do not tolerate any form of racism, right-wing extremism, antisemitism in our society, within our partner organisations, members or staff.

Particularly worrying for us is the rise of the AfD (Alternative for Germany), which is a party representation of a steady right-wing potential in Germany. We firmly stand against the agitation against refugees and work in opposition to the AfD for a eco-fair and solidaric society.

PowerShift e.V. supports to call to stand up against racism (Aufstehen gegen Rassismus). For more information in German only: www.aufstehen-gegen-rassismus.de


Our focus in 2018

Trade and Investment Policy

– Joint coordination of the Working Group Trade of the German Forum Environment and Development and the European Seattle to Brussels Network. Member of the coordinating board ot the Network Fair Trade (Netzwerk Gerechter Welthandel)
– Bilateral EU trade agreements (EU-Canada, Japan, Indonesia, Mercosur, etc.) and regulatory cooperation in trade agreements

– Interdependencies between climate protection and free trade as well as energy and resources

Resource policy

– Critically monitoring Germanies policies on natural resources, aiming at supporting a sustainable change, (details in German only)
– Addressing the implications of e-mobility for raw materials
– Organization of subject related trainig sessions, e.g. a crash course for political activists and multipliers from political parties, unions and NGOs on raw materials policy and resource justice
– Promoting due diligence obligations for companies, especially but not only regarding conflict minerals
– Coordination of the German civil society activities in the Working Group on raw materials (AK Rohstoffe, in German only)
– Higlighting the social and ecological risks of raw materials mining, aiming at shaping a fair future world-wide (e.g. Industry 4.0, in German only) and denouncing  deep sea mining (in German only)

Energy policy

– Every day counts! Stop coal and protect the climate, health and human rights! In 2018, we continue with our partners to push for the end of coal in Berlin (Kohleausstieg Berlin, in German only)
– Special focus in Berlin is to shift thermal power towards 100% renewable and socially responsible
– Organising protests against coal on land and water, in Berlin and in Lausatia
– Promote climate and resource equity in Berlin and elsewhere
Importing coal to Germany and Berlin? But at what environmental and human costs?