Our objectives

“PowerShift – is a German NGO dealing with questions related to energy, climate, natural resources, trade and economic policies. We want to contribute to a change in global energy policy and economic relations by means of education, public relations, scientific research and political activities.

Unser TTIP - Kein ISDSIn order to be more succesful in this broad field we network with others. We are working on putting alternative concepts on the agenda globally. The challenges ahead are tremendous and we cannot cover each and every topic, but we are able to launch initiatives and developments bringing us closer to an eco-fair and solidaric society.


Our focus in 2017

Trade and Investment Policy

Aktion in Brüssel zu europäischen HandelspolitikStop CETA (available in German only) – our campaign against CETA (Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement). The trade agreement between the EU and Canada harbours great risks. Our critical analysis of the agreement: Making Sense of CETA can be downloaded here. This 2016 publication is a result of our cooperation with European and Canadian partner organisations. Find out about the current state of the signing and ratification process here.
– furthermore we are advocating the development of fair trade relations in Germany, Europe and worldwide. (available in German only: Trade Relationships)


Raw materials policy


Rohstoffabbau am Fluss, Lastwagen stehen Schlange.– critically monitoring Germanies policies on natural resources, aiming at supporting a sustainable change, (details in German only)
– organization of subject related trainig sessions, e.g. a crash course for political activists and multipliers from political parties, unions and NGOs on raw materials policy and resource justice
– promoting due diligence obligations for companies, especially but not only regarding conflict minerals
– coordination of the German civil society activities in the Working Group on raw materials (AK Rohstoffe, in German only)
– higlighting the social and ecological risks of raw materials mining, aiming at shaping a fair future world-wide (e.g. Industrie 4.0, in German only) and denouncing  deep sea mining (in German only)


Die Braunkohlegrube mit den Baggern und im Hintergrund Windräder (Cottbus Nord) – Den Kohleausstieg in Berlin voranbringen, gemeinsam mit unseren Bündnispartnern von “Kohleausstieg Berlin”
– Gegen die Kohle protestieren: In Berlin, bundesweit und auf Papier
Kohle ohne Ende?: Daten und Fakten sammeln sowie Zusammenhänge erläutern
Klima- und Ressourcengerechtigkeit in Berlin und darüber hinaus fördern
Erdgas als klimafreundlichen Energieträger hinterfragen

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