Factsheet: We make the rules! How the EU intervenes in the sovereign fiscal policy of resource-rich countries

Raw materials, including raw materials for energy production, as well as semi-finished products, and components make up two thirds of all EU imports; more than half of these imports are transported to Germany. Germany’s status as ‘export world champion’ means…
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New: “Investment protection in CETA: a critical analysis” by PowerShift, Campact & TTIP-Unfairhandelbar

PowerShift, Campact & TTIP-Unfairhandelbar (Ed.): Investment Protection in the EU-Canada Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA): a critical analysis CETA investment chapter and ISDS process a massive extension of investor privileges on both sides of the Atlantic. Briefing Paper, Berlin,…
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Publication: Investment Protection in TTIP – how the European Commission refuses to change the system

Publication: Investment protection in TTIP: the European Commission refuses to change the system This publication by Malte Marwedel offers an analysis of the European Commission’s proposals of 12th November 2015 about investment protection in TTIP and describes how the European…
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