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EU: Conflict Minerals agreement reached as exemptions added

The European Union (EU) has today taken a positive, but half-hearted, step towards cleaning up Europe’s trade in minerals. EU legislators concluded their negotiations on a new law on so-called ‘conflict minerals’—a Regulation which is meant to ensure that minerals entering the EU do not finance conflict or human rights violations. Certain EU companies will, for the first time, be …

Minegolia – Mining in Mongolia

‘Minegolia’ became the nickname of Mongolia when the country rushed into a boom of mining in the beginning of the decade. Foreign nations were searching to play a part in this economically promising game. So in 2011 Angela Merkel came to Mongolia to sign a bilateral resource partnership (“Rohstoffpartnerschaft”) between the two countries[i]. The goal was to integrate …

Open letter to the Dutch Presidency of the Council of the European Union and the Member States of the European Union

Minerals are key components in many everyday products, from mobile phones, laptops, and jewellery, to cars and light bulbs. In too many cases, however, the extraction and trade of these resources is linked to conflicts and human rights abuses. Civil society organisations have been documenting the links between minerals and these abuses for years, from their role in funding violent …

Multiplier Seminar: „EU Raw Materials Policies and Resource Justice“

Multiplier Seminar: „EU Raw Materials Policies and Resource Justice“

Romania, Bucharest: 2016, September 29, 30

The European Union is one of the biggest importers of raw materials in the world. Its resource consumption is far above a sustainable level on a global scale. Products “Made in the EU” like cars, electronics or chemicals contain raw materials often coming from countries …

Kohle-Protest-Karte – 2. überarbeitete Auflage jetzt online und gedruckt!

Screenshot Kohleprotestkarte 2. Auflage

Pünktlich zu den Kohleprotesten in der Lausitz am vergangenen Pfingstwochenende ist die 2. überarbeitete Auflage der Kohle-Protest-Karte erschienen!


Screenshot Kohleprotestkarte 2. AuflageScreenshot KPK 2

Wie bei der ersten Auflage handelt es sich um ein gemeinsames Projekt von PowerShift, Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung und Robin Wood.

Die Karte gibt es hier zum Download. Die gedruckten Exemplare können ab sofort bei uns bestellt werden.

Kontakt: Laura.Weis(at)