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Factsheet: We make the rules! How the EU intervenes in the sovereign fiscal policy of resource-rich countries

Raw materials, including raw materials for energy production, as well as semi-finished products, and components make up two thirds of all EU imports; more than half of these imports are transported to Germany. Germany’s status as ‘export world champion’ means that it relies on imports, including those of ferrous raw materials. In fact, Germany is particularly dependent on imports of …

Policy Paper Working Group on Raw Materials: Towards a Democratic and Globally Just Resource Policy

The Federal Republic of Germany depends on the import of metallic, mineral and fossil fuel resources. The extraction of these raw materials takes place at the expense of the environment and leads to human rights violations. The German Federal Government does not take these consequences adequately into account. Instead, it supports the industry because of concerns around security of supply.…

PR: New legislation on conflict minerals, a missed opportunity for the European Union

New legislation on conflict minerals, a missed opportunity for the European Union

On Thursday, the European Parliament will vote on the law on the responsible sourcing of minerals, a regulation aimed at ensuring that revenues from minerals imported into the European Union do not finance infringements of Human Rights and armed conflicts around the world. Civil society organizations have already

EU: Conflict Minerals agreement reached as exemptions added

The European Union (EU) has today taken a positive, but half-hearted, step towards cleaning up Europe’s trade in minerals. EU legislators concluded their negotiations on a new law on so-called ‘conflict minerals’—a Regulation which is meant to ensure that minerals entering the EU do not finance conflict or human rights violations. Certain EU companies will, for the first time, be …

Making Sense of CETA: 2nd edition


Joint press statement by S2B, PowerShift, AbL, BUND, Forum Umwelt & Entwicklung

European and Canadian NGOs call for an immediate halt of the CETA free trade agreement

A new study gives an analysis of the contents of European-Canadian trade agreement CETA

Berlin/Bratislava/Brussels, 22nd September 2016cover_web_small

Important decisions on the European-Canadian free trade agreement CETA will shortly be taken on …